April 2014 Newsletter


“UP UP AND AWAY in my beautiful balloon”
-the Fifth Dimension


This month, the theme is all about FLOWING  WITH CHANGE**

April is a time to plant seeds, put our energy toward that which we wish to manifest, and continue to clear out old patterning.  So many people are charting the course for new shores, and are allowing themselves to open to the new.

I woke up one morning with the song “Up, Up and Away” playing in my head and it feels very appropriate to what is happening in the universe right now.

So, it feels time to cut the sandbags, and begin to lift off!

Blessings abound in the most difficult lessons, and so we learn to suspend judgment until we see the bigger picture.  Gifts present themselves in the most unlikely places and we learn to be grateful for them.  Joy is present everywhere, once we peek beyond the curtain of illusion.

Enjoy the spring and feel the renewal!


**And so, it is also fitting that as a business, I must also flow with change.  There will be some new changes coming into the shop – and some cutting of the old.

These changes are just the next step in my evolution and growth, and I am opening my arms to accept what is coming.  Even though I can’t quite see it, I am in a state of gratitude.  Look for the launch of a new website, and a whole new direction- that I will share in the May newsletter.

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