The Unexpected Lunch Guest- There IS such a thing as a free lunch....

September 22, 2016 4 Comments

The Unexpected Lunch Guest- There IS such a thing as a free lunch....

Thank goodness I'm a calm person. I've been known to take things in stride- in a relaxed and peaceful way. This came clearer to me on a recent outing.

On my way to a conference in upstate NY, I stopped by my favorite lunch spot to grab a bite before check-in. Creature of habit that I am, I always order the same thing. The quiche with the side salad of farm-fresh greens. Note the words: FARM FRESH.

The cheerful waitress set the plate in front of me. It all looked so delicious! I paused before I took the first bite to give thanks and blessings for the fresh food set before me.

I took the first bite of the greens and prepared to tuck into the first bite of the quiche...

And, there it was.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a large spider creature walk calmly out of my salad and on to the table next to my plate. Quickly I flashed my eye to the waitress and motioned to her. I pointed to my unexpected guest and showed her that it had moved from my table to the floor below.

In the moment my appetite quickly went away, the spider jumped to the floor. All in a flash; the waitress moved so quickly, lifted her comfortable shoe, and before I could stop her, the spider was no more.   Bless you Grandmother Spider.

I sat for a few moments~ stunned about what had just occurred.

When the waitress came back to ask me what I would like to order, she said that they owners and other staff were so grateful that I remained so calm. If I hadn't been so calm, it might have been a different scene in the busy lunch cafe.  I ordered a replacement meal (no salad this time); and they cheerfully told me that lunch was on the house.

I fully believe that the Universe speaks to us every minute of every day! It's up to us to listen and interpret. My interpretation was that it was going to be a transformative and auspicious weekend.  It was.

Thank you, Grandmother Spider!

 The Lessons learned:  

~It's important to stay calm no matter what is happening 

~The Universe is always speaking to us (it's up to us to listen)

Thank you all for being on this journey with me!!  

love and hugs,  cathie


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4 Responses


September 29, 2016

Hi Christine!Thank you for your comments! I think most feel the way you do~ about spiders and such. It is about facing our fears and dealing with things as they happen. Acceptance is certainly a hard lesson.

christine feser
christine feser

September 29, 2016

Hi just read your story. I wouldn’t have stayed calm, terrified of spiders especially when they are so close. But I will keep the message in mind thank you


September 24, 2016

Thanks, Aurora! Many people have told me that they might not have been able to stay so calm.
But, I’m glad I was able to. It is indeed our practice……


September 24, 2016

I enjoyed your story about the grandmother spider very much. I don’t know if I could have stayed calm at the moment that it stepped out of the salad. But I agree, in that, your response didn’t clear the Café. I certainly will work on staying calm, if that’s possible.

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