October 2016- News and Upcoming Events

September 27, 2016

October 2016- News and Upcoming Events

“Always remain larger than what is happening around you.”




What does it really mean to remain larger than what is happening during these energetically powerful times? 

To me it means, "in order to keep your shoes clean- stay out of the muck."

A simple concept and not so simple at the same time.  What this means to me is to stay in the practice of viewing life from an expanded perspective and not getting sucked in to drama. This practice is ongoing as we tend to forget that we are so much more than the insignificant details that, for a moment, may seem huge. We get caught up in pettiness, and who said what, and what they did to that person… Becoming “larger” involves being very present to the situation and seeing it from a different viewpoint instead of getting caught up in the story.   Instead of taking everything personally, or even looking to identify something as right or wrong, try broadening your perspective. The perspective that you are as expanded as the universe and are indeed infinitely more powerful than you might believe.  While sometimes it is easier to get caught up in the emotional aspects of life- it is our task to remain unencumbered by the entanglements that rampant emotions can bring.  In other words, in order to keep your shoes clean- stay out of the muck. 

People are the way they are as a result of their own perspectives- we need to honor, allow and accept.


Tranquility and Forgiveness- they are interconnected. Look deep into your heart and see if you can identify where you are not aligned.  Look even deeper to see points in the heart where you still hold anger or resentment.  These two aspects are revealing themselves to you at this time.  They are ready to be released.  Even if you have done major pieces of work regarding the forgiveness issue, I invite you to take another look.  Ask yourself these questions- 

Where have you not forgiven yourself?

What core beliefs do you hold that are still coming up for you?

Where are you not aligned with your outer life?

These are questions that will lead you to the tranquility you seek.  Look back at times you have given away your power and go deeper into self-forgiveness. This is the time for humanity to reclaim and return to our natural, loving state of being.

Begin in this NOW moment to let go of all things holding you back. 
Now is the time to embrace the divinity within. 

You are a true, radiant being and it is your task to bring forth the light within.  Practice being in the moment and feeling the true expansiveness of your energy. And, practice becoming larger than all that is going on around you. Learn to recognize that you are so much more than what appears at the surface. It is your time to break free of old energy patterns and to SHINE!

Wishing you tranquility!


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