Make Peace with Where You Are


“Make Peace with Where you are”

I "heard" these words while driving one day. 

And, as I allowed the words to settle through me, I realized that when you incorporate this truth- all struggles will cease.  Yes, they will cease.  No matter what curveballs will be thrown your way, no matter who acts in a way you don’t like, no matter what the outside world looks like- you can ride through the storm of life when you are at peace with where you are in this moment-

 Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a way where you are at peace with what is- all the time?  “Keep your eye on the prize”- means to indeed stay focused on your ultimate goal- and that is to live in a world filled with peace and harmony.  The only requirement is to stay in touch with your thoughts and feelings throughout your day.  The task is indeed to be mindful of the flow of how you are feeling- and this will be your guide.  Check in with the inner self, and re-align where necessary. 


The following is a metaphor that came to me recently-  While so many of us have been slogging our way through healing, lessons and muck- you may have had the feeling that you are revisiting many lessons you thought you had learned.  What was shown to me in a vision was that we are indeed continuing to dig deep and deal with remnants of that which we thought we had already dealt with.  The vision was this:  imagine you are using tweezers to pluck out splinters.  These shards and splinters are that which is left of what no longer serves.  Yes, many have done the critical work and released most of the energies of old patterning.  Think about these splinters as the further vestiges of the major clearing that so many of us have been through.


There are two schools of thought about this- and to me, it all boils down to a very simplistic viewpoint.  

To “make peace with where you are” implies non attachment to what is going on around you. 

It speaks to releasing any forms of control or resistance.  When you do this, it places the responsibility for your peace and happiness directly with you.  You are not dependent upon the outside forces for your joy.  You are in full control of how you choose to react or not react to any person or situation.  This is for you to decide- and when you wake up every morning, you get to choose how you will feel throughout the day.  There will always be stuff going on in your outer world, and the world at large-…


This is not to imply passivity or hiding one’s head in the sand.  Those days are over and we can clearly see that anything that has been built upon greed or envy is quickly and rapidly deteriorating.  Anything in our own lives that was created from an unconscious thought process (such as denial)- is also up in our faces for re-negotiation.    But now, we know what we wish to create in our own lives and in the world- we can take the steps necessary to bring out a loving and peaceful world.  We can involve ourselves in organizations that bring together the common cause, whether it be to help the hungry, eradicate disease, help animals or the environment in whatever way empowers us.  We are also empowered when we cease complaining about the state of the world and live our own truth.


So stand fully, owning your power and direct your thoughts toward a more positive and loving existence.  Don’t fight the way things are, that is not the energy you wish to put forth.  Instead, be peaceful with the now moment knowing that you may take steps toward living the better life you wish to create.  Let go of the struggles of blame, and other lower thought forms.  Allow this moment to be- as perfection….


As we know and have heard many times, we won’t find peace if we are looking outside of ourselves.  We won’t find it in our external world and the behavior of others.  We only have to look within- and connect with that very still part of ourselves.  It lies within the depths of our heart.  You own peace, you have peace you are peace!


Continue to radiate joy in your life and to “make peace with where you are.”  

Remember to take your peace with you!  

love,  cathie

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  • Cathie on

    So happy to hear that my posts inspire you!! I’ll keep them coming as long as I have wonderful readers like you!

  • Kathleen on

    Your posts are always right on point. These reminders keep me focused, inspire me and lift me up! Thank you for all you do, Cathy!

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