AWAKEN to the Gifts of the Heart

February 06, 2017

Bowl of Genuine Crystal Heart Stones


Our primary purpose in this lifetime is to awaken to our true divine selves- and to live heart centered lives.

We will explore the "Gifts of the Heart" and know that it is our truth to live all of these gifts.


Begin with LOVE. The Gifts of the Heart are:





5) JOY

 Let us begin with Kindness. Bringing more light into our lives in small but significant ways can help to open and expand the heart. Being kind, not just to those we love, but to strangers as well, is a good way to bring in this light. Let people go ahead of you in traffic, help someone by holding the door open, smile at people , bring someone flowers for no reason. We've all done these things, and we know it makes us feel good inside. But it isn't just about making ourselves feel more important. It is acknowledging that we can have a bigger impact than we think on the world. Sometimes, it is just all about the little things. As Mother Theresa once said, "it isn't about doing big things in a big way, it is the smallest acts that can bring about the biggest changes"

Next, we talk about Compassion- and it is good to remember that the more compassion we have for ourselves, the more it naturally flows outward. Compassion is not about getting over-involved in the struggles of others, but it is about the helping and caring that flows through us. Know that we are not responsible for the actions of others, and the consequences they face are of their own choosing. Compassion means rising above the physical plane and looking from a higher perspective. We can reach out and help others through kindness, but sometimes, the best thing we can do for someone is to step back and let them work out their issues themselves.

Gratitude is perhaps the easiest of all these gifts- because we make the choice to consciously live in a state of grace. Being thankful for all that we have, from the very fact that we wake up every morning to the meals that we have on our table every night. Gratitude is the "love letter" to the Universe that helps us remain in a state of awe for everything we experience. The only time Gratitude gets a bit tricky is when we need to be grateful to someone or a situation that has brought us pain- but ultimately growth. Again, this is the time to view the situation from a higher perspective -and then then we are more freely able to flow with the changes that have been brought. Keeping the heart in an open state of GRATITUDE helps to maintain the expansion in every day life.

Forgiveness- for some, this can be very difficult- as we sometimes think that forgiving means forgetting. It may help to keep in mind, that Forgiveness serves to release the energetic ties that one has to a situation- and by no means leads one to forget it entirely. It does enable one to assimilate the lesson of the incident and being in a place of acceptance. Once the energetic bond has been released, the parties are free to enjoy expansion in the heart center. Life takes on a richer and fuller vibration and space is made within the heart to open to new and more loving experiences. This can be life changing for some and indeed the next step in a quantum leap in one's spiritual growth.

JOY- Many of our meditations have been about joy. When you really embrace the meaning, it is truly all about bringing us back to joy. All the sadness, release, lessons, relationships- are really all about making us whole and transforming ourselves back into the light that we are! Remember that JOY is our celebration of the divine aspect of the human experience. Feel at one with your powerful presence and let go of all the workings and humming of the mind. Your heart center is where the JOY begins and fill yourself up- this is your natural state!!!

Remember all of these gifts of the heart- remember that you are truly a divine being and awaken to all that is your to claim! Bring in the light of the Divine through your heart and shine it out to all!

All Heart Love,  cathie

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