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Dear Living Lotus Group Family! 

I’m so excited to share with you that at the team at Hay House, along with Doreen Virtue, are releasing something very special --- the first-ever World Angel Summit.  It is  FREE for you to listen to online from February 22 - February 28.  All you have to do is sign up by following this link. Hay House also has an inspiring bonus video for you to watch before the Summit begins. In it, Doreen shares her personal story and manifesting process.

 Sign up now 

Many of you have experienced the power of angels and Doreen Virtue and her friends are looking forward to sharing many practical tips for working with the angels to add joy and healing to your life.


The World Angel Summit will be hosted by Doreen Virtue and will cover a wide range of topics.

There will be at least 2 lessons each day which will be available to listen to for 24 hours. All 15 lessons include a powerful meditation and feature Doreen Virtue.


Here is the schedule:


Feb 22 - Lesson 1 - Doreen Virtue - Using Angel Therapy Daily for Stress & Anxiety Relief

                   Lesson 2 -  Michael David Virtue - Tapping into Archangel Alchemy


Feb 23 -  Lesson 1- Radleigh Valentine - How to do Accurate Oracle Card Readings

                    Lesson 2 - Bridgette Parvin - How to Work with Angels to Overcome Addictions


Feb 24 - Lesson 1 - Robert Reeves - How to Call Upon Angels for Healing

                   Lesson 2 - Karen Kay - Opening the Door to the Fairy World


Feb 25 - Lesson 1 - Judith Lukomski - Using Crystals to Communicate with Angels

                   Lesson 2 - Melissa Virtue - What Are Angels Telling you in Your Dreams?


Feb 26 - Lesson 1 - Charles Virtue - Manifesting Your Life Purpose with the Angels

                   Lesson 2 - Melissa Virtue - Teachings of Love from the Angels

                   Lesson 3 - Peroshini Naidoo - Raising Crystal & Indigo Children with the Angels


Feb 27 -  Lesson 1 - Jenny Ross - When Your Angels Guide You to Eat Healthier

                    Lesson 2 - Grant Virtue - Becoming Financially Free with Angelic Help


Feb 28 - Lesson 1 - Doreen Virtue - Real World Angel Experiences

                   Lesson 2 - Andrew Karpenko - How to Call Upon the Angels to Heal Parental Wounds

Print Schedule:


Want to have the summit to listen to at your leisure?

If you would love to experience all of these incredible lessons and meditations but don't have time this week to listen, Hay House has created a package for you to enjoy the Summit at your convenience. The package includes all 15 of the World Angel Summit audio lessons and meditations, plus transcripts of each lesson and 6 additional Doreen Virtue products as bonus gifts--all for only $88. 

 Learn More >>[


Whether you buy the World Angel Summit today or experience it FREE during the week of Feb 22 – 28, the important thing is that you apply all of these life-changing lessons to help you achieve your goals in 2017.

I hope you join the first-ever online World Angel Summit to enrich your connection to the angels and work with them to bring peace and healing to the world.


Peace and LOVE,  Cathie



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