January 2023 News and Inspirations

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"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I don't know about you, but I feel good about leaving this year behind.
It was a rough year for many; (myself included)
yet sprinkled with moments of
magic, miracles and mayhem.
I used to look forward to the New Beginnings of a New Year with a long list of things I want to do, be and Have-
but this year is different.
I'm not going to say I'm jaded or anything; but
maybe these past few years have changed my perspective.
I'm actually pretty happy with who I am.
So, the difference this year, is that I'm NOT GONNA TRY
to force anything.
This sums it up perfectly:
An Offering:
"What if this year you do not set intentions
No resolutions
No manifesting your “best self”
What if instead you pause in stillness
Reside in spacious awareness
Revel in your own “being-ness”
What if you remember
You are enough
Nothing needs to be added or taken away
That you actually lack no-thing
Ahhhh, the weight that is lifted
What if you acknowledge the SPACE between thoughts
The pause at the top of the inhale where you are fully alive and expressed
The pause at the bottom of the exhale where you are empty
in the void and reside in the pure potential of existence
What if this year is the year you KNOW you are consciousness expressing itself"
With love,
Nityani Devi ( Jenn Chiarelli )
That being said, going into 2023;
I HEREBY Give myself permission to simply
follow my energy.
I will:
✔Rest when I need to
✔Play when I want to
✔Take solo walks
✔Reach out for support
✔Step outside my comfort zone when I feel stuck
✔Try something new
✔Talk to new people
✔Offer kindness and support to strangers
✔Apologize when I've done something wrong
✔Forgive myself for past choices
✔Truly offer unconditional love
to myself, my family and others.
Wishing you a magical Month/Year filled with
love, peace, and joy.
Extra prayers for World Peace.

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