6 Practices for Happiness! 💖

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"Happiness is a Habit. Cultivate it."

It's our natural right to be happy, right?
So why do we get in our own way?
Many of us have these stories that we tell ourselves- and I think it's time we begin to tell new stories.
So many clients have struggled with this- feeling of "never enough," "I don't deserve it," or "unworthy" or "unlovable."
The list goes on.
This week, I'm coming in with a challenge for you- to finally make peace with yourself and to find your happy.
Not just a once in a while feeling-
BUT a deep, down, serene, peaceful feeling of Happy.
That means finding a place of calm within the chaos- even when the storm is all around- you're connected to that place within.
We are in charge of our own energy- that it isn't anyone else's job to make sure we're happy or not. I say this with certainty- because I'm currently experiencing a challenging situation that has shaken me to my core.
So, I practice what I teach....
My energy is My responsibility.
This is not to say that we should hide our heads in the sand, play Pollyanna or ignore the world at large.
To be clear, there are very heartbreaking and somber things going on- and we should do our best to make the world a better place.
What I'm talking about, is that since happiness is an inside job- it's up to us to sustain.
Here are my:
6 Practices to Cultivate Happiness
1) Accept yourself fully - You are not the same person you were 10 years ago, or even 1 year ago. Honor yourself- (warts and all!)
2) Smile more- It's your best accessory and when you share it with others, you light up the world.
3) Find your joy and follow it- This is where you get to listen to the callings of your heart. .
4) Gratitude List- The surefire way to lift your mood, and get back to happy. Find that..one exquisite moment each day that touches your soul.
5) Be of service to others- Get out of your head and lend a helping hand to someone else.
6) Strengthen your relationship to self- Find time each day to sit with your inner being
That's it.
What makes you come alive?
What makes your heart sing and fills you with joy?
Let your heart show you the answers-

I invite you to go : livinglotuscoaching.com to get your free e-book on how to live an authentic life!

. I'd love to help.
Have a great and HAPPY week!
I'm Celebrating YOU,
with so much love,

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