Slow Down

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“Slow down, do small things with great LOVE!”  

I recently taught a virtual workshop* and the sentence above was how I closed out the class.... It's so impactful, I'll say it again.
"Slow down, do small things with great LOVE."
I think it's a great reminder to us all. It helps us to put our lives in perspective, and to recognize that the illusion of "busy-ness" and almost requires us to live in the present moment.
When we are more connected to our authentic self- we see the world through a different lens.
We know that things are not always as they appear because we can trust in our heart when things are not quite right.
We also know that when we master our energy; we become more guided by the inner compass. (dare I say bull sh*t meter?)
I think it's important to remember, as the world begins to open back up- there is still a lot of anxiety and uncertainty in the world.
It's a very personal journey-
Take a moment and think about it.
A recent client asked me to help her to get "Back on Track"- to help her stay focused on what she envisioned her life to be-
In short, she's thriving- where before she was so immersed in the rat-race, she didn't realize it until the world had its big PAUSE>
💖"I'm so glad I made the decision to coach with Catherine. She is a wonderful coach and immediately helped me feel at ease and created a safe and welcoming space for us to work within. In only 3 calls I couldn't believe how much we covered (and uncovered) during the sessions. "
✔ANOTHER client- wanted to live a healthier life, so she set some goals for herself, began to learn about Mindful Eating (the Divine Dining way); started a daily brisk walking routine and is feeling empowered.
Here's what she said after the 6 weeks: "Meet Your Goals" class:
 💖"I FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF! I'm more introspective and I feel lighter. Definitely feel more Peaceful! Feeling more like my authentic self as I went through the 6weeks. I especially loved the 21 Day Divine Dining program, looked forward to the daily emails and answering the questions. I was more aware of what I was eating and no more compulsive eating! This has helped me to be honest with myself!"
So, think about what you want to change in your life; and find the right support. Someone who helps you hold the highest vision for your life. A non-judgmental, cheerleader who walks through the fire by your side; encouraging to believe in yourself.
Think about it:
If we've learned anything from this past year, it's to make the best of the life we've been given- to move forward with Gratitude and Acceptance, and to finally let go of the crap that's held us back.
In other words, it's time to turn your dreams and visions into reality.
I LOVE to help my clients- reclaim their power and move toward joyful living!
It's important to believe in yourself and shine your light again. If you've been playing it small and safe (and I understand this year hasn't been easy for many); now is the time to get back on track, reclaim your power and live to the true reason you were put on this earth.
Much LOVE~  catherine
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