Step INTO Your Power

June 15, 2021

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"It's Your Time. Step Into Your Power."

💥**Please scroll all the way down to see my upcoming virtual workshop on June 23rd***💥
The time is right, and it's right now.
True story:
When I was young, I was a people pleaser. I stayed quiet in most situations, and I did not speak my truth. Although I wanted to be bold and daring, I constantly gave away my power- to keep the peace.
Even as a young adult, navigating my way through the corporate world and new relationships, I found myself firmly entrenched in old patterns.
"keep quiet, don't make waves, lay low, operate under the radar"
I thought these behaviors kept me safe, but really it only served to tamp down my authentic voice and not live to my full potential.
Fast forward to now: As a spiritual seeker; and empowerment coach for many years, I have done massive amounts of work on myself.
The "work" still continues.

My favorite quote: "I AM a work in progress, as long as I work on myself, I will progress."

It's not been an easy road, but one that has deepened my commitment to myself and to the clients I serve.
As we continue to clear away the fog from this past year- many people are reaching out to me to find ways to get them back on track.* (simply hit "reply" to this email to find out more)
It's exciting to me to continue to share my passion for helping people and to provide them with the tools to make positive changes in their lives. 2x per month, I'm hosting a live workshop! (scroll down to read more)
Doing these virtual F R E E workshops has been so much fun, as I'm reaching many more souls- more than ever!
Last week, I presented a virtual workshop on how to "Find Motivation" to get stuff done in your life. The attendees loved it and afterward, I received some positive feedback.
This is from an attendee of an earlier workshop:
"Thank you so much for facilitating this wonderful workshop! You have an incredibly warm personality that immediately puts all at ease. Can't wait to put all the new tools I learned into practice!"
This week I'm here to encourage you to Step Into Your Power- and do the one thing you've been needing to do. (but maybe have avoided)
Step out of your own way, and back into your POWER!
That's it.
What makes you come alive?
What makes your heart sing and fills you with joy?
Let your heart show you the answers-
I invite you to book a free call with me. I'd love to help.
Have a great and HAPPY week!
I'm Celebrating YOU,
with so much love,

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