What's it like to work with a Life Coach? Get Ready....

August 26, 2020

What's it like to work with a Life Coach? Get Ready....

If you've reached a crossroads and you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or have low energy, have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with an Intuitive Life Coach?

If so, keep reading. I'm sharing what you can expect.

Working with me is a powerful, one-to-one process which begins with an intensive visioning session that will help you actually identify what's been holding you back so you get clear on your next steps.

Yes, you read that right. 

My clients tell me this is always the most powerful part of our work together! But wait, there's more!

In these intensive sessions visioning, journal prompts and deep questions include...

... helping you to identify what's really important in your life

... understanding your own energy and what's been holding you back

And most importantly…

... ✅we look at your limiting beliefs so you can understand your deepest motivations

...  ✅you learn how to live with intention; so your life takes on deeper meaning

and much more.

Once I get you to see the deepest truth of your hearts desires, We create a step by step plan which I help you reclaim your power and walk confidently into your future!

During our time together, I also add a post session recap to help deepen the learning, and to ensure you keep moving forward to achieving all of your live to your full potential goals.

And because I want you to be fully supported there is also a pre-session form so we can stay focused and on task.

At the conclusion of your package, I am always a phone call or an email away.

Every week my inbox fills up with sweet notes from empowered people who are now living their purpose and moving confidently toward their dream life.

"Catherine has a beautiful intuitive way of guiding and coaching. I loved her masterful combining of embodiment and visualization."  ~melissa 

So if you're ready for help and guidance so you can walk through life with confidence, I can help you with that.

Book a free 30-minute phone consultation with me and we'll discuss the crossroads and decide the best course of action for working together.

Whether or not you end up deciding to work with me, you'll leave our call with more clarity and confidence about the direction you want to go in life to live to your full potential.✅

Tired of feeling frustrated, confused and living on autopilot All you need to do is reach out and book your free call.

Since I'm focusing more on leading groups this fall, I'm only taking a limited number of 1:1 clients- 

It's your time,

Coach Catherine

P.S. Skip to the bottom? Gotcha, here’s the gist: If you want to get clear on your next steps, so you can have better boundaries, be at peace with yourself and move toward your life of power, presence and purpose- CLICK HERE to book a 30 minute call! 

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