What's Ahead for us?

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Don't look back, you're not going that way!

So, you want to know What's ahead for us? 




A little backstory: When I closed my bricks and mortar store back in 2018...I said I wanted to expand into the online world and do more coaching, reiki and energy work. I learned the Zoom platform and quickly reached clients from around the world.......It was cool, speaking to amazing people in Switzerland, Germany, Canada and many other places in this vast world.

Who knew that I would be ahead of the zoom game a few years later?  Enter the year of 2020 and we've all had to make major pivots-  in life and in business.  

The rules of the game of life have changed. Many people are awakening and are discovering that the "old way" just wasn't really working anymore. They knew there was so much more to this life- but the drudgery and routine of everyday-prevented them from daydreaming about such changes.  But, I'm here to say that there has to be a breakdown, before there can be a breakthrough.

We are witnessing a powerful time!

The old "systems" are falling away- and that's okay, because they were fraught with injustice, inequality and since they were based on power and greed- it is inevitable that they aren't sustainable.

So, I ask again- What's ahead for us?  

My answer is to learn how to stop living on autopilot and start reconnecting with their dreams so they can live a life of joy, peace and purpose.

In other words:  "I remind people of their true magnificence, radiant power and vibrant energy that is at the essence of their being. I teach them to stop playing it small, that they are here to make a difference- to live a life OF purpose, ON purpose. "

 So, how have I made the most of this time? I've put together a collection of my finest courses so you can begin to take the steps toward your dream life. Whether you want to study on your own, OR join my signature Dare to Dream 6 week Coaching program-  I will teach you how to master your energy and manifest your dreams.

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Enter into Stillness- 21 Days to have a Meditation Practice in just a few minutes per day.  This powerful course has been one of our most popular self-study classes for years- and I've recently designed it for an even easier experience.  CLICK HERE to learn more


Learn Mindful Eating in 3 Days- In just 3 days, you'll learn to jumpstart your eating as you learn the secrets to The Divine Dining Method (a mindful eating program).  It's NOT a diet- but a tool that will help you get to the core of your unhealthy eating habits and patterns.   CLICK HERE to learn more


 Create Change- 4 weeks to go from self-doubt to confidence- This self-study course will help you uncover what's been holding you back; and will show you how to create a plan to move your life forward.  CLICK HERE to learn more


Still not sure? Simply go to livinglotuscoaching    soak in all of the positive vibes and grab your f r e e gift!


While I don't know completely what's ahead for us, I do know this-  we'll make it through together!

love, cathie

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