What Have You Been Waiting For?


I've come to a startling revelation:

Most people would rather live with low level suffering (ie: being comfortable), than break out of the self-imposed limitations.  Yet deep down inside, they fell a pull toward expansion~ yet it is the fearful voice that keeps them stuck. It beckons them to play it safe, play it small....that it's comfortable.

Yet, they know they're not comfortable anymore- there is this vague sense of unease that keeps rearing it's ugly head and they just can't keep it down, or numb it out anymore!

Then comes that moment....the moment when they make a Choice...with a capital "C"...and that choice sets them on a trajectory of expansion. The ride might be a bit scary at first; but deep down inside; they know they've made the right choice.

Suddenly, the fear disappears and they know~ "Everything will be okay."

The good news is that when people who have made the "Choice" to live a fuller and richer life; the Universe will begin to set in motion a series of people, books, hints that will take you step by step to a life of JOY.

 Are you there yet?

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  • cathie on

    Awesome, Kathleen! So happy to hear that you are feeling the RENEWAL that Spring brings to us!
    I love your plan to harness the energy to motivate you! Happy Spring!

  • Kathleen on

    Thank you for this uplifting post! You really captured the sense of renewal , hope and possibility that I feel every spring. I will take your suggestion to harness this energy and use it to motivate and inspire new growth.

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