1 Simple Technique to access your Hearts Desires

March 29, 2017

1 Simple Technique to access your Hearts Desires

“confess with me
your inner most thoughts,
your deepest desires,
your darkest secrets,
your most desperate longings,
for I shall not judge thee,
but embrace thee!”
-author unknown


Here's a simple question: What does your Heart really want? 

Not so simple, you say...."I don't know anymore"; "I can't get out of my own way," "I'm too overwhelmed...."    

I hear this all the time~


One of my favorite things to do with clients is to take them through a process that helps to access their innermost thoughts and deepest desires...

Try this exercise-  Take out two pieces of paper. On the first paper, write down your fears, despairs and any guilt that you may still be holding onto.  Take the time to do this carefully and mindfully, knowing that it is for your eyes only.  As you do this, open your heart fully as you reveal the truth about yourself.  As you feel the energy build, let love and forgiveness permeate- and release it all.  (you can burn the paper or throw it away). On the second paper, write down your desires, heartfelt secrets, joys and what you wish for in your life. This is a very powerful exercise to bring out that which may have been in hiding for so long.  Be very gentle and compassionate with yourself!  Feel the divine love and wisdom flowing through your being.  Consider the blessings that have come from all of your lessons in life- and feel the power of your positive wishes.  Ask for the highest outcome to manifest in your life. The universe always delivers that which you focus on, so make sure you focus on joy!     


Namaste and big heart LOVE!-     cathie

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