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What a Difference a Year Makes!

by Catherine Epstein June 21, 2016

What a Difference a Year Makes!

 Make no mistake~ Sometimes working with a Life Coach can be a deeply transformational process!  People who come to me are ready to make a change, even though they might not know exactly what that change is.  It is so INspiring to me to see these dramatic shifts, and I am grateful for the opportunity to hold space as people explore their innermost thoughts and deepest desires.

Let me pause to say, that I am profoundly humbled by this work that I do. 

A recent client gave me permission to share her story, in hopes that it might inspire at least one other person.  She came to me 1 year ago- and she tells how our work progressed.  After you read her short story, if you are feeling the pull to find out how Life Coaching can help you- read below how to get in touch with me.

"MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE Working with Life Coach, Catherine Russo Epstein In the summer of 2015, I experienced the age-old question, “what is my life’s purpose?” Both my parents had recently deceased, and I wasn’t happy in my long-time career as a property manager. I had known for several years prior that a change was needed. Like most people, it’s hard to give up a decent income. I felt very lost and confused; something inside of me was screaming for a more balanced and fulfilling life. My first life coaching experience was in late June, 2015. I immediately gravitated to Cathie’s warmth, friendliness, compassion and knowledge. She listened intently to my “story” for the next several meetings, as I took a “real time” look at my personal and professional goals. Shortly thereafter, I began to shift my perspective, and was gaining new clarity. Within a few months, I was on my way to a new career path that Cathie “threw out there” for me to consider. I did my research, and I said “yes” to the universe! Cathie encouraged me set a target date (June, 2016); create a plan working backwards from that target date, and finally proceed with the execution of a monthly “to do” list (homework!) to achieve my targeted goal. At the end, I was ready to take the leap. I recently left my job; saved tuition for a certification course in bereavement counseling, and put into effect a financial plan to help with interim monthly expenses. I am so grateful to Cathie for her coaching, and I’m so excited to begin my new career ministering to others on a more spiritual level."


So, I ask you this:  Where would you like to be one year from now?  If you want to explore the answer to that question; I am here to help.  Currently, there are 2 openings in my life coaching schedule.  If you think you might be a good fit, then please reach out to me: and put "life coaching" in the subject line.

And, even if we don't work together, I wish you the strength to connect with your own inner yearnings- and the support you need to change your life!

Can't wait to hear from you and to help you Transform your Life!

With all heart love! ~cathie

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Catherine Epstein
Catherine Epstein


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