The Stress is Real 🙏

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“Life as I know it is changing.
What used to be normal is
becoming a memory, and
what I used to dream abouts of
is becoming my reality.”
~ Shawn Fontaine                                                                                                         
🔥Dealing with Stress🔥
As the quote above says, "life as I know it is changing."
and this is become more and more apparent.
We know that change is a part of the human experience-
so why do so many of us fight it?
I'm not sure-
but after years of learning about the human psyche
and how we're wired-
it is clear the brain wants to keep us in the comfort zone.
(even when it's uncomfortable)                                                                                            
This week, I have had many more people reaching out to me;
sayiing they are feeling mega stress and helpless at the state of the world.
Feelings of anxiety and hopeless are certainly
in the forefront for many.
People have reached out to me; saying they wished they could do more that just "thoughts and prayers"
They want to believe they can help impact and change the course
of humanity. (a tall order for sure).
They've asked me: "What can I do?"
My short answer is this:
Find the peace within yourself and stay tapped into that.
Yes, we can take outer action, like donating to appropriate organizations, run food drives, clothing drives, help out the local shelter- these are all important.
BUT, the best action we can take is to
Make Peace with Ourselves.
Start by asking yourself this question, and then pay attention to the answer:
                                                                                                                    🌹"How can I be softer with myself?"🌹
                                                                                                                                     This was a question I gave my life coaching client.for her homework.
She signed up for the very popular "Back on Track" coaching package-
telling me that she had to learn to stop beating herself up.
Since we meet every other week, I told her to keep
asking this question every day- and to see what comes up.
I encourage you to try it for yourself.
We cannot control the outside events,
but we CAN control our reaction to them-
Do what you can, but start first with
🔥That's what transformation on the inside is all about!🔥
Currently there are 3 spots left for the
Back on Track coaching
it's affordable, it's easy to manage into your schedule (we meet every other week)
you'll see rapid, positive shifts and easily make the changes you desire..
Imagine feeling more centered, and peaceful in just 6 short weeks!
Wishing you a magical week filled
with love, peace and joy!
love, cathie
PS: Let me help you get "Back On Track"
"I went from living on auto-pilot to consciously creating my life-
Life coaching with Cathy has been Transformative. Wherever you are is where you start. Cathy listens and you collaborate on moving forward, taking steps to make small significant changes that over time add up or, if you re ready, big changes that make a big difference pretty quickly.
Its work, but really rewarding work." ~MH

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