Living Your Dharma

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"My soul's purpose, what I'm meant
to do in this lifetime, is making itself
known daily through the little things.
What fills me up with peace, joy, love,
and excitement is the way forward,
and the challenges that come my
way are strengthening my will
and purifying my spirit."
~ Shawn Fontaine
If you're not sure how to live your Dharma-
read the above quote again.
Basically, living one's Dharma is about finding what fills you with peace, love and joy and then doing more of that.
It's sharing your light with those around you.
Yes, I know I'm oversimplifiying,
but stay with me here.
If you are struggling to know your "life's purpose"
I want to you ask you:
What brings you joy?
Or even more to the point.
"What are you passionate about?
For me, it is about teaching.
Helping people to make peace with themselves,
so they can stop living on autopilot
and start living a purpose driven life is my passion.
This was totally illuminated for me this past week;
I taught a virtual workshop to a group in NYC
Today is the day to build the tomorrow you desire: 7 Ways to Consciously Create a Purpose Driven Life.
I had so much fun that time flew by!
The participants were engaged,
some had powerful experiences and most seemed to enjoy it.
When I ended the zoom call- I had to walk around my house for a few minutes to release some excess energy.
I felt revitalized and deep down, I knew it was
an important moment.
I was LIVING my Dharma!
The NEXT morning, I received this email:
"It was so wonderful, I thoroughly enjoyed the program- thank you for making such a positive impact on the group. I’m grateful you offered your practice to the community- It was a wonderful program. I look forward to the next one!" BM
🔥That's what living your dharma is all about.🔥
For me, it's that sense that I'm being guided beyond
the limits of my human mind.
It's that feeling at one with the Universe; a sense of being "tapped in"
I'm here to serve others and I want to help as many souls as I can!
Do you know what I mean?
💎If you're really curious about living your dharma;
and leading a more purpose driven life-
consider downloading the free book I offered you last week.
It's chock full of question designed to dig deep into your life as it is
and the life you were meant to live.
Ready to make changes but don't know where to begin?
The guide sells for $10- just enter in the code: FREEGUIDE
(no credit card needed)
What is it?
It's a guide designed to get you to look at your life from a deeper perspective.
Using thought provoking questions and a way to create harmony
in all areas of your life.
Place your hand on your heart
and affirm the life force
within you....
Know that you are so much more than this
Life is meant to be lived, the fullness, the depth, the whole enchilada!
If you've been feeling a bit wonky, out of balance and are craving more harmony, connection, peace, ease, joy, flow, vitality...
Reach out to me!
Let me help you get "Back On Track"
"I went from living on auto-pilot to consciously creating my life-
Life coaching with Cathy has been Transformative. Wherever you are is where you start. Cathy listens and you collaborate on moving forward, taking steps to make small significant changes that over time add up or, if you re ready, big changes that make a big difference pretty quickly.
Its work, but really rewarding work." ~MH
I get to work with some amazing souls who inspire me as they move toward living an energetically and spiritually aligned life!
I don't tell people that there is something wrong with them.
I simply help them to be the best version of theselves.
Not sure what to do next?
Book a complimentary 30 minute call
(there's a quick form to fill out, and then you'll go to my calendar to book)
Do it NOW! (spots fill up fast)
Wishing you a great week, a magical, Joyful
and much light to fill your heart.
love, catherine

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