The Lost Art of Listening

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“The more we listen, the more there is to hear.”

 ~The Tao of Music


I'm wondering if you've noticed that people have lost the art of listening.

They are either too busy, focused on their own thoughts, or not really present to what you're saying.


Hear me out .... (pun intented) 😅


Our society seems to be busier than ever, and distraction is at an all time high.


This is true for me too- but I've been doing a lot of soul-searching lately and am working on becoming a better healer, friend, partner, teacher, coach and community member.


And, I've discovered that I have a lot of room for improvement.


For me, it's about being in the moment and paying attention to where my energy is.


So, I ask you this:



What is your relationship to the still, small voice inside of you?


Do you listen to it often and heed its message? 


Can you differentiate between the voice of wisdom and the nagging, critical voice?


Q: How do you know the difference? 

A: The voice of the soul is soft, nurturing and whispers. The voice of the ego is loud, harsh and critical.




The art of listening is lost to many of us. 

The noise of society, life and progress, drowns out the subtle voices of intuition, and heart. 


How can we hear the sounds of our inner world when so much is going on around us?


More importantly, how do we listen so that we hear the space between the notes? 


The subtleties of life are lost with the din of the surface mind- and when we reconnect with the spark of light within, we can hear so much more.


Our higher guidance system, the GPS so to speak, is our hearts telling us which direction to take-and where to avoid the wrong turns. 


There is much we can do to reconnect with this inner realm. 


Making space in our life for the voice to be heard is the first step. 


Not so easy, for some of us, there is so much that clamors for our attention. 


The first signal is when we feel out of alignment, or out of balance. 


We are dissatisfied with the way things are- and even if we can’t quite name it- the sense of un-ease remains. 


We find it difficult to function, feeling restless, unhappy and bored. 


But, can you imagine for a moment a life where everything flows with ease?


 Even the difficult moments in life are met with a pervasive sense of acceptance. 


Can you imagine embodying a peaceful and calm demeanor?


Our life is a reflection of our inner core and how close we live to our values.


So, this week, I'm asking all of us to

✔Slow Down, ✔Move with Grace and Ease, ✔Pay attention to your body, and most importantly, 


 Remember to ✔listen more to the call of your heart!💖


AND, PLEASE listen to the way you speak to yourself and make sure it is with extra self-compassion.


I leave you with this question:

What's YOUR HEART been trying to tell you?




Wishing you a great week where you walk with

Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose!


love, cathie


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