Waking UP by Slowing Down

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Waking UP!
Last month I was at a business event and we were all to stand up before the group and share our work in the community.
I stood up and gave my "elevator speech":
"I'm Catherine Epstein, a Transformational Life Coach. I help people to STOP living on autopilot and START to consciously create a life where they walk with Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose so they can live more fully from their hearts."
You could have heard a pin drop....
After that meeting, several people came up to me, asking for my card and wanting to know more about my work.
But the one who got my attention was the one who said to me,
"I want you to help me to S L O W down"....
After we chatted for a few, it became clear that she was tired of living on autopilot and in her words "rushing through the day".
So, I gave her some things she could do immediately and then
suggested that she book a complimentary call to learn more.
Here's what I told her:
"Instead of worrying about the future, or thinking about the past-
Be Present, Slow down, do small things with great LOVE."
Here are some more tips to help you manage the coming changes for all of us:
✔1) Stay in the present moment- be mindful of your emotions
✔2) Focus on your heart center- keep bringing your attention back into your heart
✔3) Find support- grab your like-minded friends and share stories, help each other
✔4) Take it easy on yourself- this isn't a race and no one is ahead or behind. We all have our own journey.
Wishing you a wonderful week
filled with Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose
All love, All ways,

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