The DisComfort Zone- What lies ahead

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Have you been playing it safe recently,

yet feeling the pull toward some major changes?


For me personally, I have some important things on the horizon;

decisions to make and some serious introspection to do.


Then I came across this writing (below)

and it really spoke to me.

It actually took me back to the times in my life when

I really felt this way, but didn't have the words to express.


Some of these times in my life: ✔moving at 21 years old from Central PA to Phila for my first job, ✔then 4 years later moving to NYC,

✔deciding to divorce at 45 years old, ✔opening up my retail store,

✔speaking to a group of 50 jewelers in Manhattan about the healing benefits of crystals, ✔becoming a Transformational Life Coach,✔ Speaking and giving classes virtually around the world, ✔writing and publishing 4 spiritual books

and more.


But then I realized that there are many more mini-stories in my life;

some that quietly changed my trajectory and path.


Looking back, I can appreciate it ALL.

(even though some were downright terrifying)


I invite you to read below and

see what it brings up for you.




"Step closer to the story that scares you~

the one that has you gasping for air

in the night, searching for ground.

This one wants to take you past

the lip of the void to the birthplace

of stars, where all stories dissolve

into the blessing of original song.


Turn your wild horses out

into the fields in the morning,

when first light purples the hills.

They are hungry for this earth

under hoof, this thunder of full gallop.

They may trample all the places

you have so carefully tended.

They may leave you in a cloud of dust.

And yet, this is the only way

they will return to you truly,

without a fence to keep them in.


Leap into the love that terrifies—

you know just what it will do.

It will un-hinge every door in your house.

It will blow in like a hurricane

and re-arrange your furniture.

It will howl like a banshee through your bones

and leave you delightfully hollow.

Without this love you are only playing

at this life– and you are so tired of that!


Let the current lift you

out of the churning eddy.

There is only one place where this river flows—

through slot canyons and the eyes of midnight,

through singing valleys and greening glens.

These holy waters will have their way with you.

They are dreaming you into a body of light.

Why fight what you most long for?"

~ Laura Weaver




Seriously, what does this piece bring up for you?

Does it make you want to let go of the reins a little bit

and go careening down the mountainside?


While I'm not saying to throw it all away, and move to Costa Rica (although I had a client that did that);

I'm asking to dig deep into your heart and ask yourself what makes you come alive?

What will you do with this one, precious life?


That is where your power is.


For this week, I leave you with this:

instrospection question:


🔥 What is the one thing you've been avoiding? 🔥


I can assure you that the answer to that question will seed

your next step(s.)


I LOVE helping people find deep and lasting Transformation!💥

Have a great week! I'm Celebrating YOU,


with so much love,



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