Messages From the Void

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I had plans.... glorious plans...

Then I experienced the cosmic 2x4. That's my term for a course correction in life.

For me, it was a freaky fall, landing on my elbow, bruising a few ribs has set my plans on hold for now.

To be truthful, I've had some  'why me?' moments where I question the higher purpose.  I've questioned what I could have done differently. Yet, the answer I get is "shit happens" and sometimes we don't know the higher purpose.

So, here I am...typing one-handed, trying to find a comfortable position; yet I remain eternally optimistic for my own healing journey. This time has forced me to be even more introspective than usual. 

This is what I  affectionately refer to as the void. (cue the music).


Here are some things I've learned while being in the Void:

~ You can't control everything; but you can control how you respond

~ It's OK to ask for help

~ You get to re-assess what's truly important

~ There's always a way forward

~ Things are always working out

~ Self love and Self care are TOP priority

~ A good sense of humor will take you far

 ~ Taking deep belly breaths feels wonderful

~ Focus on the Healthy body parts

~ Music Music Music 

~ The Void is a chance to re-set and replenish (don't fight it)

~ Learn to appreciate everything and everyone

~ Count Your Blessings...even when it's tough

When you come out on the other side (and you will); you'll be wiser and stronger.


So much LOVE!  ~cathie

Tell me your thoughts!

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  • Jean on

    Life has a way of getting our attention.. Sometimes it tries to get our attention and we either don’t listen, miss the signs or may be too busy to hear or see. Then the universe takes it into its own hands and gets our attention in the way it can. I hope your healing is filled with blessings. Wishing you all the best.

  • cathie on

    Thank You for your kind words, Kathleen!

    Indeed, it is the challenge to stay centered and peaceful~ but as I stay focused on the blessings I have…. it’s helpful to keep perspective.

  • Kathleen on

    Cathy, you are an inspiration!

    It’s easy to be at peace when life goes as planned. But life rarely goes as planned!

    Staying centered and positive when we are thrown off course is the challenge. And you have been navigating this challenge so very beautifully, with grace and gratitude.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us… especially this detour. Sending you love during this healing time.

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