MARCH 2023- News The Fun Begins

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"Our life is March weather,

savage and serene in one hour."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson



March 2023: Is it a lion or a lamb?


That remains to be seen; but from all reports

on the astrology and the overall vibes on the planet right now;

it promises to be a big month energetically.


Do you feel it?





I fully believe we are at a time in the evolution

of humanity that we must take this opportunity

to live more consciously and rise above

our old ways of being.


Things are rapidly shifting and changing

and in order for us to

keep our place,

make our way,

heal our hearts


heal our lineage


it's up to us to stop living on autopilot

and truly become the Conscious Creators in our lives.


ARE you READY to release what's been holding you

back so you can live a more vibrant and

heart centered life?


Are you ready to plant some seeds this Spring?




How can I help ?


I remind people of their true magnificence,

radiant power and vibrant energy

that is at the essence of their being.

I teach them to stop playing

it small, that they are here to make

a difference-

to live a life OF Purpose- ON Purpose.




Wishing you a magical Month filled with

love, peace, and joy.

May we all re-discover our light




ps: If you're ready to stop playing it small and start creating a life you LOVE, Let me help you!   Begin your journey HERE

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