Are you BEing Consistent?

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“I accumulated small small but consistent habits, that ultimately lead to results that were unimaginable when I started.”

~James Clear




This week, I'm going to talk about how to be consistent

and get stuff done.


But first, I want to talk about the difference between

motivation and inspiration.


To me, Motivation has a very "pushing" and "hard-driving" energy

where one can get easily get overwhelmed and lose motivation.

(Remember your New Years resolutions?)


Whereas the energy of "Inspiration" is completely different-it keeps us focused on our goals and who we want to BE

when they're achieved.


In other words: BE that BEing you are BEcoming.


Act AS IF you're already:

(Fit, Healthy, Confident, Abundant, Powerful, Loving, Forgiving,

Focused, Joyful, Committed, Connected)




Take it from my recent client:

She came to me feeling a bit off, disconnected and a bit scattered.

With some life decisions looming (early retirement);

she felt too frazzled to even begin to make the right choice for her.


Through the Back on Track Coaching

(3 sessions over 6 weeks)


Together we mapped out a plan, discussed her needs and most importantly, got her re-aligned with her true purpose.

We designed it so that small, consistent habits would help her;

rather than trying to tackle everything all at once.

Over the course of our working together,

she made such progress and even surprised herself!




Another client had an unwelcome diagnosis- and

wanted to take charge of her life and regain her healthy outlook.

Customized to her and her specific needs;

we created a plan that required small, actionable steps.

We supplemented out work with the

self study: Optimal Wellness

(It's only $94 with the option to add customized coaching)


She's now back in control of her health, and on the road to recovery (Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual)



While I have so many more stories to share with you about how I help people to transform their lives, by helping them discover and uncover their deepest gifts, desires so they can live a vibrant, healthy and purpose driven life....







And, although I do believe that we all have our answers INside of us-

there are times when we do need OUTside support***

to help us get through life challenges.


If you've been feeling a bit wonky, disconnected or

are having difficulty-


Let me help you find your way-

 we'll plan out a way forward!*



Have a great week filled with LOVE, PEACE, JOY



PS: If you want to learn more how to Consciously Create a better life for yourself, click HERE


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