November 20, 2020


Ready to Reclaim Your Life?
Feeling like you've fallen off the rails the past few months?
Looking to find some sense of balance to manage these crazy times?
(okay, now I'm hearing the words to "Crazy Train") (you're welcome!)
If you've been feeling a bit lost, going through the motions, and just feeling in survival mode- I've got news for you.
You're not alone.
I hear from people all the time, they just want to get back to some semblance of normal- or at least a "routine."
Here's what I think:
Looks like we're not going back to "normal" any time soon, but ask yourself this question- was anything really "normal?"- many people have had the time in this great "pause" to consider how much things have changed for them.
We've been forced to examine our lives; and to really appreciate what's been great, and what's been so-so, what we've just "tolerated" and what needs to go.
So, take a breath and read on...
To be clear, not everyone has experienced this year as a loss- some have seen it as a liberation of sorts- not having to commute, or finding time to get projects done, or finding a renewed relationship with spouse.                                                 
But, it is a chance to review.                                                                                         
We're at a choice point, a crossroads of sorts. It's time we make the decision to move forward in love or fear. That goes for many things in our lives,
big and small- and it's up to us what that choice will be.
I strongly encourage you to think about how you want to be at the end of this year. Are you looking for a way to break free of some limiting beliefs and move toward your dreams? Are you wanting a chance to re-frame, re-set, re-align with what your heart wants?
Consider this your choice-point. Your line in the sand- your chance to finally set in motion the wheels of positive change.
YES CATHERINE! I'm ready! Tell me more!
I've had the blessing of helping hundreds of people to make peace with themselves, create better boundaries, learn to trust their inner voice (intuition) and let go of what wasn't serving them anymore.
While I'm always here for you- for a complimentary chat, or a full on Life Coaching session- I've heard you and here's my answer!
It's been on my mind to create a wonderful program for you to study on your own- kind of like having me in your back pocket- (okay, that's a bit weird) but I'm cheering you on, supporting you and whispering "keep going" and "you've got this" in your ear.
And, so finally- I bring you:


Find peace, gain a sense of calm, well-being and alignment!
A completely self study class, that you follow on your own time, in your own space. Easy videos, short meditations, and some really cool journal prompts to get you focused.
This class will help you:
✅Overcome Overwhelm
✅Learn how to stay Calm
✅Learn how to make decisions with Confidence
✅Learn how to manage Time
I've included a BONUS
✅ Get Better SLEEP! 😴
The best news? It's only $47
That's right! I'm so committed to helping as many people as possible, that I'm offering this class at that price for a short time only.


How do you want to close out the year?
Whatever you decide; I encourage you to trust in yourself, the universe and the energy in these challenging times.
Stay Peaceful Stay Positive,
love, cathie

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