Faith over Fear

November 09, 2020

Faith over Fear

Let Your Faith Be Stronger Than Your Fear! 
I'm not referring to any one thing, here- just making a big statement.***
Looking back, thinking about all the times in your life- when you weren't sure how things were going to play out- you just KNEW everything was going to be okay.
It might have been a small situation, or a really big one- and you might have been really worried, but deep down, just just knew that it was all going to be fine. Sometimes, better than fine.
FAITH has a way of reassuring us that all will be well; and that things have a way of sorting themselves out. Sometimes it takes a while, and sometimes there is pain but the ultimate truth is: They Always work out!
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How strong is your faith?
Whatever your answer is; I encourage you to trust in yourself, the universe and the energy in these challenging times.
The only thing you can control- is your energy- and that's the key.
Learning how to Master Your Energy- can give you the leg up to trust in the universe and to steer you toward your dreams.
This past week, we ended the 6 week Dare to Dream group- this most recent group was comprised of amazing women- who were willing to be bigger than their fears. They were willing to be all in- to move toward their dream life.
Here's a comment from a participant: "I have gained so much through the Dare to Dream class. For one I have learned how to make decisions with confidence and let go of the worries that usually come with it. I feel more supported by the universe in knowing that I don’t need to have all the answers in order to make a decision and that’s makes it kinda fun too"
💖Oh! My Heart! This is why I do what I do!💖
What an honor and a joy it has been to lead these powerful beings to the next steps and we have fun doing it!
Even though it's been an upside down kind of year, I began 2020 by committing to lead more women in these small, but powerful group pods. Even through the pandemic we made it through and I've run 5 different groups!
And, now- I want to close the year strong!
We start the last class of 2020 in a few weeks: If you're in, or want more info; hit "REPLY" to this message and I'll send you the deets.
Ask yourself this:
How do you want to close out the year?
Don't know the answer? Needing a bit of Clarity?
One again, I am offering a 30 minute complimentary CLARITY consultation to help you! If you've been feeling stuck, questioning everything and have been spinning your wheels- Reach out to me- I'm here to support you!
My clients are getting the most amazing results:
💖" I feel more at peace, more connected"
💖"You showed me how to free myself of old beliefs and wake up to all the possibilities in my life."
💖 " I was able to define habits that held me back and define my goals and take action."
Stay Peaceful, Stay Positive,
love, cathie
*PS ***Please know that I'm not referring to the political climate here; it's affected all of us and we're all processing in our own way.' I'm not trying to downplay the stress and anxiety it's caused. If you're really struggling; please seek professional help (beyond life coaching) or reach out to me and I can point you in the right direction.
Want more inspirations and to live a more authentic life? 

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