I DID a Thing (Outside my comfort zone)

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"I am where I need to be and

I am headed where I need to go.

Those that are meant to be on this

journey with me are freely choosing

to be here because they want to be

here. For that, I am truly grateful.”

~ Shawn Fontaine



Happy JUNE!  


This is going to be a quickie- 


"I did a thing"- it was way out of my comfort zone.



I actually did a LIVE FB! 


It might not sound like a lot to you- there are many people who are extroverts and have no difficulty putting themselves out there-


But, there was a weirdness within me and something I felt I HAD to do!


It was all about my "resistance"



No one was forcing me to do it, it wasn't a make or break thing-

but I am in this group of 800+ people and they gave us

a challenge to do a FB Live.


At first I wasn't going to do it- I'm very comfortable on camera- and if you've ever taken any of my courses, or seen me speak in person, you'll know that.




It was about my resistance and the stories I was making up in my head.

I had to sit with myself and ask what I was afraid of- 


And, the bottom line is, I wasn't afraid of anything,

and the stories that I created wer not even true-


So, I faced my FEAR and I did the thing.


So, this week, think about the things in your life-

actions you've been afraid to take, and pay attention to the stories you made up about them-




It is said that everything we want is on the other side of fear-

and while I don't know if it's true-


I do feel a whole lot lighter having done it.


I ask you this: What ONE thing can you do outside of your comfort zone?


Have a magical week filled with joy, gratitude, abundance


with a healthy dollop of COURAGE


All love, All Ways, 


cathie 💖


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