I AM.... 🦋

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"As a wo/man thinketh,
so shall s/he be"
~ James Allen
🔥Words Have Power🔥
Our thoughts are very powerful; and the energy behind the words we tell ourselves have the power to influence our lives.
Think about whatever you say after the words, I AM.
Notice how you feel If you say "I am tired," "I am broke," or "I am sick."
NOTE: This is very different when you say I "FEEL" tired-
feeling is very different than being something ...
hint: one is an external, fleeting state, one is internal way of BEing
It's up to you to choose.
Now try saying the following statements slowly and deliberately-
and really feel the energy behind the words:
✔I AM Powerful
✔I AM Abundant
✔I AM Healthy
✔I AM Strong
✔I AM Courageous
✔I AM Compassionate
✔I AM Vibrant
✔I AM Awake
✔I AM Aware
✔I AM Alive
✔I AM Grateful
Repetition is the key- Put your words on a sticky note and paste it to your bathroom mirror. Choose your own 3 most powerful phrases and repeat to yourself often.
Watch what happens!
What 3 words will you choose?
🔥Please write me and let me know how this exercise is for you!🔥
I want you to live your most vibrant life!
If you've been feeling a bit wonky, out of balance and are craving more harmony, connection, peace, ease, joy, flow, vitality...
Reach out to me!
Let me help you get "Back On Track"
Wishing you a great week, a magical, Joyful
and much light to fill your heart.
love, catherine

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