April 2022- News and Events

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"Having a mind that is at peace with itself,
a mind that is clear and joyous,
is the basis of happiness and compassion."
~Sakyong Mipham
Welcome to APRIL 2022!
One question I get asked a lot is:
How do we stay peaceful within when so much is
happening in the outer world?
The short answer?
Be in the Present Moment
I know how challenging that can be!
There are so many distractions and things to grab our attention; that it becomes difficult to be in our own
And, many of us are tapped into the collective
Because we are such sensitive beings, it's hard
to separate what's ours and what's not.
That brings us back to the question,
"What's the only thing we can control?"
Answer: Our attention to the Present Moment.
That's where our JOY and PEACE lives.
Instead of worrying about the past or the future,
keep your awareness on the moment in front of you.
That's where our spiritual "work" lies.
This month is going to be a busy month for me, as I prepare to head to PA to teach Conscious Living at a world class spa (my 5th year in a row) AND, I'm also immersed in taking a life-changing course to learn how to let go of the negative tapes that we all have..
As many of you know, I strive to live what I teach and am constantly learning the ways of self-improvement, self-development- yes
even coaches hire coaches.
I can't wait to share my new learnings with you all!
So, are you ready to "Spring Clean" your life?
LOVE helping people to make Peace with themselves so they can stop living on autopilot and start living a life of purpose.
🦋“My time with Cathy is precious to me. It is time that I’ve carved out to take a good look at myself and where I’m headed. Cathy helps me become aware by asking some well-placed questions in the middle of our discussions.
Coaching is your time to have someone really listen to what you’re saying and help you help yourself to the place you want to go.” ~M🦋
Let me help you get "Back on Track"
I want you to sit for a moment and ask yourself what old thoughts, beliefs or stories are you ready to let go of?
Happy April,
Happy Spring!
Wishing you a magical Month filled with
love, peace, and joy.
Extra prayers for World Peace.

ps: Looking to live more fully from your heart? Grab your f r e e guide HERE

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