How's Your Energy?

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“The divine spark that you seek is already within you.
Allow it to shine through you unobstructed
and it will eternally light your way.”
― Omar Sharif
How often do you connect with the Divine Spark within?
It's about getting to quiet the noise in the mind and tapping into the inner self.
What's the difference between the inner and the outer self?
Simply put: The OUTER self is what we present to the world. It's our personality, our ego, the outer shell (protective gear, it you will)- The INNER self is the true nature of our Be-ing; our intuitive voice, the soul, the multi-dimensional cosmic being that is our true nature.
Why is this important to know and how can it serve us?
What's the trueest meaning of living your purpose?:
By living life as more of your INNER being and sharing that Divine Spark with everyone you meet.
In other words:
===>Bring the outer self and the inner self into your every day interactions.
That is how you master your energy! <===
This week, keep track of your energy- (physical, emotional, mental) and radiate out your Inner Light ...
Watch what happens...
Wishing you a great week, a magical and much light to fill your heart.
love, cathie

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