The Greatest Gifts!

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“The best gifts are the ones from the heart...not the store."

~ Unknown

It's my birthday month and I'm celebrating!
Celebrating you and for being able to do the work I do to help people to improve their lives through conscious living, mindfulness and peacefulness.
The past few years have taught us about being present (to ourselves and others); and being in integrity (with ourselves and others.)
This holiday season, is like no other- and it's up to us to limit our consumerism (especially to big chain stores)... and if you do shop for gifts; keep it local- okay?
We don’t need to fill our lives with more “To-Do” lists
Here is my suggestions for a “TO BE” list…. 
✔Own your power
✔Know you are the master of your creations
✔Your relationship to self is the most important one
✔Know that you are always protected
✔Take time for yourself everyday
✔Lovingly parent your inner child
✔Know that we are all ONE
✔Practice non-attachment
✔Simplify your life
✔Every interaction is an opportunity to heal
✔Practice Forgiveness
✔Look for the positive in all situations
✔Be aware of the Divinity within
✔Practice Peace in all areas of your life
✔Become a Spiritual Warrior
✔Live with Integrity
✔Be humble
✔Have a Gentle Heart
✔Be non-reactive
✔Live consciously
✔Be the embodiment of Spirit On Earth
 Wishing you all a Joyous Holiday and a Miraculous December! 
~ cathie
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