How to Have a Strong C.O.R.E.

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"Do you have the courage to be in the pause between
'what is no longer',
and what is 'not yet? "
~ Octavia Raheem
As many of us come to this juncture of "what is no longer," and what is "not yet"- it takes courage to sit in the pause.
Did you know that having courage comes from a strong C.O.R.E?
How does one acquire one?
Well, it's not a matter of acquiring anything- simply enhancing that which is already within....
"How do I do that?" You ask....
I'll tell you the answer below, but before I do-
I want to share the amazing past weekend ...
Teaching a workshop on 7 Steps to Consciously Create Your Life with Joy, Intention, Mindfulness and other hacks 
I had so much FUN! Why?
Because the attendees on both nights were engaged, present and very involved in the topic.
Think about it:
Here are people who are away at a spa get-away; and they were ready to hear more about how to make their lives more meaningful.
This week, I've already heard from several attendees who said they loved the workshop and want MORE!
Sharing the truth of living with intention and mindfulness is not easy- but it's necessary to rise above the daily noise (and news) so we can live a more purpose driven life.
It's a simple and eternal truth.
I'm living my Dharma! (and that brings me joy)
Every day, I ask - "how can I serve?"** and then I watch what plays out in my life...

What are 4 Easy Steps to strengthen your C.O.R.E.?? 

1) CLARITY: ✔Know what you want, and know where you're going
2) OPPORTUNITY: ✔Every lesson, every interaction is an opportunity to learn, to know and to grow
3) RELEASE: ✔Release negativity, old patterns, habits and anything that no longer serves you
4) ENERGY: ✔Be mindful of your energy. Know what lifts you and what drags you down. Become the Master of Your Energy.
Keep returning to your C.O.R.E. and watch how it changes everything.
I'm running a Coaching OR Reiki package special this month!
Wishing you an amazing week, filled with love, peace and joy.
 It's time to transform your life from the inside out-

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