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"To Marry one's Soul-
Being true to who we are
means carrying our Spirit
in the
center of our darkness."
~ Mark Nepo
I LOVE the imagery of this quote.
It evokes the vision of diving deep into our selves and swimming in the depths of everything we've been through in our lives.
It also evokes the image of being the light in the center of your own being.
It means to shut of the noise of distractions, overwhelm and sit with the uncomfortable emotions when they rise to the surface.
Notice your tendency to avoid, or numb out- and try something different.
Connect with your core, and imagine you are seeing the flame of your inner light-
feel yourself filled with that inner light.
Shine that light into all the corners of your being.
I'm blessed with being able to help so many people who are making the commitment to themselves to live more fully from their hearts.
It always fills my heart to receive words like this:
"Catherine was a master at creating space to do some deep inner work during our session. I was incredibly comfortable with her the entire session and able to uncover some deep seated misalignments that needed to be addressed. While the session went away from what I had wanted to work was centered on what really needed to be worked through that was impacting my initial concerns. 
I walked away with an understanding of what I needed to do next for inner alignment (and took a long nap!).  
Highly recommend recommend a session or package with her." LL
If you have been looking for guidance, support, clarity, focus OR anything to help you manage through a challenge in your life; reach out to me!
I am here to help you live a more Authentic, full and purpose driven life.
If you're curious about how a Life Coach can help,

Watch this short video HERE

Remember, I can't give you inner peace,
but I CAN help you discover it within yourself!
Wishing you an amazing week, filled with love, peace and joy.
 It's time to transform your life from the inside out-

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