February News- It's all about the Heart

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"The Way is not in the sky, the Way is in the Heart." ~ Buddha 


Depending on when you're reading this;

it's either the last few days of January,


We're in February already.

Either way, I want to welcome you to this

new, fresh energy.

Mercury is now direct; and a number of other planets are also direct.

While I can't explain to you the full astrological meaning;

I KNOW things have shifted.


Do you feel it?



I just returned from teaching this past weekend at the Lodge at Woodloch Spa in Hawley PA....

This is my 6th year teaching there and I'm always grateful for the opportunity.

Every year is a different topic about conscious /mindful living-


This time I taught the 6 Pillars of Optimal Wellbeing (based on a 6 week course I created.....


I had a good turnout both nights-

with groups of amazing souls

who were present, engaged and

eager to learn.

I LOVED meeting these wonderful people!


The 6 Pillars of Optimal Wellbeing class is designed to












Stay tuned, because I'll soon be offering this popular class again-

(live and virtual!)

(More on that in the coming weeks)


Things are rapidly shifting and changing for humanity and in order for us to keep our place, make our way, heal our hearts

it's up to us to stop living on autopilot

and truly become the Conscious Creators in our lives.


I leave you with this thought for the week:


"And one day, just like that...


You'll re-discover your light,

You'll embarace your inner warrior,


you'll snatch your power back.


And the whole game will change. "




Wishing you a magical Month filled with

love, peace, and joy.

May we all re-discover our light



Want to learn more about the 6 Ways to Optimal Wellbeing? Grab your f r e e guide HERE


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