Love Letter to Yourself

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“I surrender and trust my journey.

I believe that everything is always

working out for my highest good.

I am calm.

I know that all is well.”

~ Lukas Notes




I am going to keep this weekly inspiration short

and to the point.

I want you to write a Love Letter to yourself;

use the prompts below or come up with

some of your own.


What's the quickest way to shake off the cobwebs,

and prepare yourself for the next steps?


Write a LOVE LETTER to yourself.


This is an exercise I give to some clients

as I feel it helps to go deeper to uncover

stuck energy.

 Like a blast of fresh air on a warm day in Spring...


It's a way of connecting to the deepest parts of you that are

LONGING to be seen, heard and understood.


Before you start, clear your space,

go quietly into a room where you won't be

disturbed. (leave your cell phone in another room)


Find a pretty stationary, or card, or letter head;

something that evokes a gentle feeling.


Write out the following:

(although you can type it out on a computer, it is preferred that you hand-write it as it energetically more powerful)


Dear (insert your name here);

I'm so happy we are able to spend this time together;

I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and value you!


You're so much stronger than you give yourself credit for- remember that time you ___________________?


I love that you are ____________, _____________

and very _______________!


I know you sometimes feel bad about _________________, but I want

you to know that it was supposed to be that way- and

it's important to have no regrets.


You are the most important being in the world to me, and

I promise to give you the love that you so freely share with others,

I promise to take wonderful care of you,

feed you healthy foods,

I promise to feed you loving thoughts,

kindness, compassion-

to honor your earthly temple (body)


to put you first.


I promise to love and cherish you for all of our remaining

days here on this beautiful earth.


All my love,


(your name here)


ps: I will always be here for you, to remind you to shine your light!





It's up to you what to do from here- either put it in an envelope

and put the date and "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 12/31/23"


burn/shred in a beautiful ceremony;

celebrating your self-love.


Let me know how this exercise was for you!

(and even if you're resistant to it)

Feel Free to insert, add any words,

of start with a fresh piece of paper-


The important thing is to TRY!


In the coming weeks, I'm going to have more in store

for you- some chances to really

make LASTING CHANGE in your life

and change the trajectory of your future


We're going to have the opportunity to finally spread our wings

and deliberately CHOOSE what we want to manifest.




Let's all become Conscious Creators


What do you want to create?



Have a great week filled with LOVE, PEACE, JOY



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