A Valentine Gift for YOU!

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"I am allowing everything to flow in my life
gracefully in the elegant rhythm of divine
right timing. I no longer obsess or worry.
I surrender, trust and flow."
~ Lukas Notes
🔥Gifts of the Heart🔥**
(keep reading to find out your free gift)
Just like the above quote says,
I'm learning to allow everything to flow
into and out of my life-
Surrendering, trust and flow-
It's not been an easy process for many of us- but
the more I learn about attachments; the more
I can step back and allow things to be.
That's how I have been able to release so much struggle-
and things flow much more smoothly.
But, here's the kicker!
When I understand that if I want change in my life, I have to change from the inside out- or else, I'm just getting the same ol' same ol'.
In other words, I have to energetically align with who I am becoming.
Lately, I've been helping clients who are ready to shake off the years of unhealthy patterns, habits...
essentially doing the same things and expecting different results
They are READY- and devoted to making these changes.
===>Yesterday, I received this from a recent client:
🌹"I AM Standing in my Power!-  
I worked with Catherine in December and January and went from feeling helpless and confused to standing in my power and strength.
I do not say that lightly.
 I knew I would connect with Catherine as a coach but the work we did in a such a short time was life-changing. I found something inside me that I had no idea was even there.
If you are thinking of working with a coach, she's the best." ~NS🌹
(deep gratitude)
That's why I take this work deep into my heart and soul.
I know that if we want change - lasting change- we have to do the inner work
And, that's where finding the right support is key!
So, if you're feeling a bit like NS- and need a bit of direction;

Let me help you get "Back On Track"

or send me a text and we'll chat.
SO- What's NEXT?
Many of you have been asking about the workshops- either virtual or live.
and although the "Optimal Wellness" has been postponed until March-
YOU- (my beloved clients, readers of this newsletter) have
been asking for either the workshop series again.
So, I ask you...What do you want?
Here's some of the things people have asked about..
✔Finding Peace with what IS -
✔Go from Chaos to Clarity
✔Better Boundaries
✔Boost Your Confidence
✔Trust Your Intuition (make decisions with ease)
✔Find Motivation- Get Sh*t Done
✔Mindful Eating- Make Peace with Food
Hit Reply to this email, text me 516 759 1217
let me know what you'd like
I can either do the Peaceful Series again-
(one price for all 7) OR pay as you go.
I get to work with some amazing souls who inspire me as they move toward living an energetically and spiritually aligned life!
I can't do this without your help.
HOW is my coaching so effective?
My coaching philosophy is simple: I'm in the business of helping people improve their lives- but you know what's different?
I don't tell people that there is something wrong with them.
I simply help them to be the best version of theselves.
Book a complimentary 30 minute call
(there's a quick form to fill out, and then you'll go to my calendar to book)
Do it NOW! (spots fill up fast)
Wishing you a great week, a magical, Joyful
and much light to fill your heart.
Happy Valentine's DAY!**
love, catherine
**Your Valentine's Day Gift? Take $10 off your next Reiki Session; Take $50 off The Back on Track, or $100 off the Total Transformation Coaching packages. 
I can't wait to help you!

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