What a Way to say "THANK YOU!"

June 07, 2016

Genuine Heart Crystals/stones in Heart Shaped dish

 When my kids were in school, I struggled to find a meaningful teacher gift for the end of the year. I didn't just want to give the usual coffee mug, it had to be something a bit more personal.

Kids love to pick out the right "energy" for their particular teacher.
Teachers love them because it is a thoughtful and more personal gift.
I love them because it is a really unique gift for under $20! 


Click on the link below to see the entire collection.
Available at our Woodbury or Sea Cliff locations.

Call 516 759 1217 or order on line!

But hurry, place your order today as quantities are limited!
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50
FREE Gratitude Rock with every purchase.

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June 15, 2021

"It's Your Time. Step Into Your Power."

The time is right, and it's right now.
True story:
When I was young, I was a people pleaser. I stayed quiet in most situations, and I did not speak my truth. Although I wanted to be bold and daring, I constantly gave away my power- to keep the peace.
Even as a young adult, navigating my way through the corporate world and new relationships, I found myself firmly entrenched in old patterns.
"keep quiet, don't make waves, lay low, operate under the radar"
I thought these behaviors kept me safe, but really it only served to tamp down my authentic voice and not live to my full potential.
Fast forward to now: As a spiritual seeker; and empowerment coach for many years, I have done massive amounts of work on myself.
The "work" still continues.

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Slow Down

June 05, 2021

“Slow down, do small things with great LOVE!”  

I recently taught a virtual workshop* and the sentence above was how I closed out the class.... It's so impactful, I'll say it again.
"Slow down, do small things with great LOVE."
I think it's a great reminder to us all. It helps us to put our lives in perspective, and to recognize that the illusion of "busy-ness" and almost requires us to live in the present moment.

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