5 Quickest Ways to Shift Your Relationship with Food


 I’ve been teaching Divine Dining since 2008 and it has always been remarkable to me how some people have an intense love/hate relationship with food.  When you think about it, we all need to eat to stay alive and to stay healthy.  Sometimes our intentions don’t quite match up with our desires and there is where the problems lie.  Let me explain.  Our intention is to have a healthy body, yet we eat foods that are not healthy for us.  While the reasons behind this can run very deep; it all comes down to following a few simple steps.


1)   Be aware of your self-talk when you eat. Do you feel guilty, or sneaky, or do you enjoy every bite?

This is a big key to making a shift.  Awareness and gentleness first.


2)   Be Grateful for your food. Appreciate where it came from.

Take a pause before you take the first bite. Learn to slow down.


3)   Be conscious of your body while you eat.

Learn to check in with your body and stop when you are full.


4)   Focus fully on the food in front of you.

Be very present to the smell, the taste and the texture.


5)   Be Patient with yourself.

Learn to choose healthier options, and to enjoy what LIFE tastes like.


Wishing you all Divine Dining! 

love, cathie

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