Relaxation and Stress Relief

February 19, 2015 2 Comments

Relaxation and Stress Relief


(The following is an outline of a class I led for the members of a Small Business Association- after the lecture portion was over, we spoke about the benefits of meditation- and the participants were led through a few minute relaxation)

Most of us spend many hours, many days and many years in thinking mode. We think of what has happened to us, or what will happen. The human brain ruminates, plots, plans, worries, and dreams up many “what if” scenarios.  Wouldn’t you like to get to a point where you are running the show of what your brain thinks about?  What if you were able to take a big step back from the mind chatter and to sort out what is important and what is distraction?  How would you feel about being able to make decisions from a clear and calm center?  Wouldn’t you like to be able to command your ability to get things done, have wonderful relationships, manage time better and honor yourself?

Ask yourself the following questions:

If you can make a change to relieve stress in your life- what would it be?

How often would it be?

What prevents you from doing it?

What thoughts or actions strengthen you?

Likewise, what is draining to you?

What makes your heart sing?  (think of one or many!)



1) Acceptance- Make peace with where you are. You can’t change the past and worry about the future creates anxiety.  Coming into acceptance will help you allow what is- and from that place, you can begin to make the changes in your life.

2)  Going within– Take the time (10 minutes at least). Schedule this time for yourself as you would anything in your life and devote to meditation.  Even if it means putting on peaceful music and sitting still.  Allow whatever thoughts to come up and focus on the breath.

3) Going outside- No matter the weather, take a few minutes and go outside. Take a deep belly breath of the air and take a brisk walk.

4) Mindfulness- During your day- stop yourself and observe your thoughts.  The mind is very powerful and can be useful when you learn to observe the lines of thinking.  Remember, Fear and Worry are energy drains.  When you catch yourself in the moment- you can instantly calm down.

5) Be a conscious creator- When you are faced with a situation in your life, envision it fully solved.  Create the solution from the higher self- and feel yourself aligned with the outcome.

6) Breathwork- Stop at times during your day and inhale deeply!

7) Learn Time Management skills- Every morning, write out 3 of the most important things you need to accomplish that day. Do one task at a time and fully focus on what is in front of you.

8) Remember- you always have choice! Every minute of every day…consciously choose the highest vibrational path!

9) Do something nice for someone else. Offer to help, smile, donate, etc.

10) See the bigger picture. Ask what’s really important about this situation.

11) Relationship to the self is number one. What is honoring to self is honoring to everyone else.

12) Awareness of your emotions. Not judging good or bad, just being aware.

13) Love is the highest vibration of all Stay tapped into the heart and fill with love.


Please leave your comments below- and share how you make time for yourself to reduce stress.

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December 30, 2016

Great to hear from you, Sharon! Thank for the good wishes and kind comments~
Sending you all the blessings of the New Year and beyond! Much love and Peace~


December 26, 2016

Hey Cathy,
Blessings on your celebrations and the year ahead. Thanks for sharing the gift of yourself through your work. Hope to see you early in the new year. Sharon

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