Gratitude Rocks

October 22, 2014

Gratitude Rocks


 “When you discover the wonder of giving, you will wonder how you could have lived so long in any other way.”

                                                                       -Norman Vincent Peale

What an amazing thing it is to give a gift from the heart.  When we give from this place, we ride the continuous flow of energy and feel it flowing back to us.   Scientific studies have shown that one of the fastest ways to heal your heart is to be of service to others.  And, being of service comes in many forms.  We can be of service financially, by donating to worthwhile causes.  We can be of service by listening to a friend in need.  We can be in service while praying, creating, donating time, and countless other ways.  We can also be of service by showing others how we appreciate them by passing along a touchstone or reminder for them to carry.  One great way to show appreciation and gratitude for another is to give them a Gratitude Rock.  A Gratitude Rock is a randomly chosen crystal that has energetic properties.  Conveniently packaged, a Gratitude Rock comes with a card explaining the individual properties and another card explaining the pay-it-forward meaning.

The energy of the abundance of the universe stands behind the concept of Gratitude Rocks and helps to remind you to be in flow with all of life.  The premise is simple. Throughout your day, show your appreciation to someone by giving a Gratitude Rock.  Tell them you are grateful for them and the stone is intended to be a show of appreciation.  Know that if you receive a stone, set your intention that it will serve as a reminder to stay very mindful throughout the day.  This includes speaking kindly, staying authentic, and being in the present moment.

While Gratitude Rocks is not a new idea, it helps one tap into the flow of giving.  Gratitude Rocks- is a pay-it-forward concept.  It is based on the idea of appreciation and acknowledging others for touching our lives in some way.  When we express our appreciation with something tangible, like a Gratitude ROCK, it is a reminder that honors the light in another person.

So many heart-warming stories are being reported and how amazing it is to watch the recipient’s face as he or she lights up.  And even more so when they read the property card that accompanies the stone.  The universe always gives us what we need in any moment and Gratitude Rocks is our validation.  From Yoga teachers, therapists, and other people who love the pay-it-forward idea- to people who give them as party favors or simply give them out to those they encounter during the day- people’s lives are being touched in a wonderful way.

Ride the flow of the energy of gratitude!  Enhance your life with a pouch of gems/crystals to share freely with those who touch your life.  This inspiring “pay it forward” idea helps to keep the energy flowing and will open your heart even further.    A great way to show your gratitude!  Together we can make the world a better place. ~ Namaste~


Available at OR, @ 316 Sea Cliff Ave, Sea Cliff NY  11579-

516 759 1217       ( in packages of 12 or 30, or custom quantities.)

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