Who is Your Favorite...?

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“Be Yourself, everyone else

is already taken”

~Oscar Wilde




You know that saying, "Be Your Best Self?"


Well, I read something this week that knocks that saying

on its ear.


That saying is:


"Be Your Favorite Self"


As soon as I read it, I knew it felt right.


We've all read that statement about being your best self

(I admit it, I'm guilty of using it my business all the time)-

And, while there's nothing wrong with it;

it implies a bit of constant striving for improvement. (well that's what it feels like to me)


But the "BE Your Favorite Self"- That to me sounds like fun, authenticity and letting yourself be exactly the YOU that lights you up!


To me, it means simply to

be who you are when you're feeling that

sense of freedom, joy,


The YOU that You are BEing when you're fully

aligned, awake, aware and alive!


In other words, creating a conscious life and not running

on autopilot.


I also know that for some of you, it might not be so easy.


You might feel disconnected from your inner self for so long

that you've forgotten the

deepest most joyful parts.


But not to worry, this is going to be fun

and uplifting as you reconnect with yourself.




Try this Exercise:


What are the parts of you that you like most about yourself?

(Are you witty, charming, silly, exuberant, joyful, energetic, peaceful, wise, bawdy, bad-ass, dopey, sweet....)


Think about a time when you were most fully, completely and vibrantly YOU.

(were you engaged in a project, talking to a child, helping or teaching others?)


Now, as you remember that time, let yourself re-live that feeling.

See if you can capture and embody that emotion.


BREATHE it in....





Let me help you find your way-


Have a great week as you live as your FAVORITE self!






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