APRIL 2023- News : No Foolin'

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"Silence is that suspended moment when life holds its breath, 
waiting for you to catch yours." 
  -Laura Berman Fortgang
Feeling the shifting sands yet?
Get silent so you can catch your breath!
Last month, I wrote about the powerful astrology; the continued
breakdown of things that no longer serve us (both in society and in our lives)
As I said last month (bears repeating)
I fully believe we are at a time in the evolution
of humanity that we must take this opportunity
to live more consciously and rise above
our old ways of being.
Things are rapidly shifting and changing
and in order for us to
keep our place,
make our way,
heal our hearts
heal our lineage
it's up to us to stop living on autopilot
and truly become the Conscious Creators in our lives.
ARE you READY to release what's been holding you
back so you can live a more vibrant and
heart centered life?
Are you ready to plant some seeds this Spring?
This past week, I welcomed 3 new clients into the
Optimal Wellness Program.
2 are Self Study
1 is self study WITH 1:1 support/coaching with me
I'm super excited to support them on the path
to better health, and wellbeing!
In just 6 short weeks, they'll learn all the tools to feel more
peaceful, balanced and aligned in ALL areas of their lives.
From someone who has been through the program:
"Thank you is not enough to tell you how grateful I am for the course and the special coaching. You have great insight."
Curious to find out more?
Click HERE
Wishing you a magical Month filled with
love, peace, and joy.
May we all re-discover our light

If you're ready to journey back to yourself ; begin with the 6 Pillars of Optimal Wellness. Grab your F R E E Guide HERE


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