TINY Changes Can Lead to BIG Results

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Tiny Changes can lead to Big results.

Last week, I wrote about the benefits of meditation can help transform your life.
There were some suggestions on how to start with just a few minutes a day- by just sitting and focusing on your breath.
This week, let's carry the concept of starting small a bit further.
Say you want to make changes in your life, maybe toward eating healthier, or getting in better shape.
You get frustrated with your current situation, so you plan to go all out. You decide to commit to exercising 30 minutes every day; or to eat vegetarian when you're a total carnivore.
You're motivated, and it might last a few days, or even a week or so- but then life happens and excuses abound.
I hate to tell you this, but this approach
Because, going from one extreme to the other sends a message of deprivation or "I suck" and that's just not the way to make positive changes.
What to do?
🌹 Make tiny changes.🌹
Starting with small changes will help you feel successful and motivated to continue.
Here's how:
Let's say you want to begin an exercise program. You've been inactive for a while, and you know you'll feel better- just getting up and moving the body.
Give yourself a CUE that is already built into an existing habit.
Use this formula:
After I _________, I will __________
Some examples:
💥After my morning coffee, I will do 15 minutes of Yoga
💥"After I wake up and brush my teeth, I will sit and meditate for 5 minutes."
💥After I finish dinner, I will go out for an evening walk "
💥After I get into bed at night, I will write 3 things I am grateful for in my journal.
💥 After I sit down to a meal, I will focus fully on what I am eating
By telling yourself and giving yourself these verbal cues, it will help to
deepen the learning and will signal the brain that you're ready to go from one task to the next.
Sometimes out brains need a bit of extra help to
see what's possible, and do-able. Taking it one step at a time goes a long way toward helping, healing and changing our lives for the better.

Try it for yourself and see!
I can't give you inner peace, but I CAN help you find it within yourself.
What tiny changes can you make this week?
love, cathie
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