January 23, 2020



What does that phrase mean to you?
To me, "Stay in Your Own Lane" means to keep the focus on yourself and your energy. Or better said, "stop comparing yourself to others, stop leaking your energy, stop giving away your power."
I get it, it's natural- we look at another and make up a story about what their life is really like... real or imagined; we invent stories to make ourselves feel better. "They have help, they inherited the money, she's very lucky, everything always goes well for her"... the list goes on.
"Stay in your own lane" also means not to be pulled by the outside noise and distractions - to notice where our energy is at all times. Are you worried, or fearful or tense?
I don't know if you've noticed lately, but there's been an intense energy afoot.
People have been dealing with some deep core issues that they've either had to face head and that's brought up their limiting beliefs.
If you've been really honest with yourself, you can see how this has been playing out in your own life - especially areas that you've been sabotaging yourself.
Thinking that things never work out for you, or that life is always a struggle- will get you more of what you believe.
What if I told you that it IS possible to change your life by changing your beliefs?
What's the ONE thing you can do?
The place to start is to LISTEN HOW YOU SPEAK TO YOURSELF.
You might even think that you're a positive person; yet when you really listen to your self- talk; it might surprise you.
Try this:
For the next 24 hours, REALLY OBSERVE YOUR SELF-TALK
What did you notice? Do you find yourself saying things you might have heard when you were little,"Things don't come easy for me," "Money doesn't grow on trees," "I'm not that good at math..." Pay attention to every time you say , "I should, I have to, I am never..."
And, when you observe this- pull in your focus- and be compassionate with yourself.
Learning to Master the Energy starts with Self-Compassion.
This week; I invite you to view your life from a higher perspective; one that is filled with wonder, appreciation for all you've been through and focus on all of the strength that has brought you to this moment in time.
As we move more fully into the year 2020; show yourself the love and compassion that you so willingly share with others.
"Stay in your own lane" and SHINE ON.
And, if you'd like to learn more about how to Master Your Energy to live a life of Balance and Peace, CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE GUIDE 

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