Bridges- Crossing Into Your New Life!

January 01, 2020

Bridges- Crossing Into Your New Life!



"Don't let the past affect your future" 

I'm fascinated by Bridges... 


Crossing them

Building them

Burning them


Throughout the years, I have always been intrigued by bridges- both physically and metaphorically. Covering both coasts,  I've walked across the George Washington Bridge in New York, and I've walked across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 

Each time, I found walking across both exhilarating  and frightening at the same time- hundreds of feet up in the air; swirling waters below- wind whipping my hair. I walked as close to the inside rail (closer to the traffic) than to the water side. I walked briskly- heart pounding; yet didn't want to stop and going back was not an option. 

Something propelled me forward- and although I don't quite know what it was- there was no choice but to move along. Luckily, a stranger stopped and asked me to take a picture of him and his wife; I handed him my camera and asked for the same. 

Catherine Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

(Feb 2014) walked across the Golden Gate Bridge! Was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. I highly recommend breaking out of your comfort zone- it certainly does wonders for the soul! (and yes, it was very windy!)


Let's talk about metaphorical bridges- I find it fascinating that we refer to stepping into the unknown as "crossing bridges into your new life: Or; when we've cut someone or something out of our lives- it's "don't burn your bridges." or as we progress in our careers- we refer to "building bridges..."

I do believe in letting the past go- and freeing up the space to create the NEW. It makes sense to use the imagery of bridges to forge the way into a new life.

Bridges-  let them be the way to transition to new lands; to seek new experiences and enjoy new adventures!  

Let's start 2020 by leaving the past behind- and crossing the BRIDGE into our highest potential!

ARE YOU READY to cross the bridge?? If it's a HELL YEAH!  and you're looking to step into live more fully from your heart? 



 love, cathie 




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