SEPTEMBER 2021- News and Events

September 07, 2021

tree with golden yellow leaves

Can you believe it's September already?

I've always loved this time of year. There's always a flurry of back to school activity, excitement and a sense of renewal.
Even though my kids are grown, I'm still feeling the energy of
For me, it's a chance to press the re-set button and to think about how I want to manage through the rest of the year.
The month of August was certainly a hum-dinger!
So, I ask you this:
How are you doing?
Get really quiet, and tune inward.
Think about it for a moment.
Let your heart tell you what it wants....listen closely.
This month, we'll be focused on New Beginnings, clearing the slate, cleaning out clutter (inner and outer) and learning how to make healthy changes!
I'm HERE to support you!!
And remember,
=>Today is the day to build the tomorrow you want.<=



If you were waiting for a sign from the universe to get started, consider this YOUR SIGN! 💥🎁

Not ready for group coaching yet? I invite you take a look at my "do it yourself" classes

OFFERS:: (self-study, or 1:1 coaching with me)

===>Mindful Eating,


===>Learn to Meditate,


===>Get Back on Track

I want to make it easy for you to listen to your heart and take the steps toward living a more fulfilled life.*

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