October 2022 News- Do you trust Yourself?

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Welcome to OCTOBER 2022!
How is time moving for you?
Too fast, too slow, or just right? 🍂🍁
Part of me can't believe that it's October already, and the other part of me feels that January 2022 was about 100 years ago! 😅
The reason I titled this month
"Do you trust yourself?"
is, I've been working with a lot of clients lately who've fallen into self-doubt or loss of confidence.
They've lost a sense of trust in themselves.
Does this sound familiar?
Take my recent client who was dragging her feet on something she needed to get done.
The interesting part is that it was a change in her life that she really wanted, was very excited about, and had manifested the way to make it happen!
She was hesitant to take the next steps.
I asked her what was the resistance all about- she simply shrugged.
In the next moment, I asked:
"What are you avoiding?"
That landed like a ton of bricks.
"I guess I don't trust myself," she whispered.
Sit with that.
It's moments like these that I LOVE coaching-
helping another human go to their core, and to discover their own answer is what it's all about!
I don't give you the answers, I help you discover it within yourself.
After the client had her "aha" moment, we were able to create
an action plan to move forward in small steps.
This week, I ask you to notice your own behaviors, and patterns to see what you're avoiding.
And, think:
What would it feel like to TRUST myself?
Wishing you a magical Month filled with
love, peace, and joy.
Extra prayers for World Peace.

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  • catherine on

    Hi Christine- Thank you so much for your comment- Bravo to you for being willing to look INWARD…. it’s not always an easy process; but one that is very powerful and can help us get unstuck.
    When we ask ourselves the tough questions- we get the clarity we need. Stay present and non-judgmental 🦋

  • Christine on

    I read the question “What are you avoiding?” And I realized that I have been so stuck, because I haven’t asked myself this question… In relationships, in my business, in my spirituality. This one question, really hit home. Thank you for opening my thought process to look inwards not outwards for my sources of frustration.

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