JUNE 2023- News: Miracles and Mastery

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Miracles and Mastery!

 As we slide into summer, have you noticed the energy is amping up?
For me, I'm finding the status quo isn't working so much
and I'm continually being asked to stay more
mindful of my thoughts, feelings and emotions.
I've also been feeling the pull to let go of some old energy,
(like people or projects) to clear the
way for the new energy!
Did I tell you that I'm working on my newest book?
(it will be my 5th one)
But more on that soon.
This month, pay special atttention to something that needs to leave your life, but you've been holding onto it-
Maybe it's an outworn belief that no longer serves-
or that something you've been thinking you'll need some day (like that old jacket in the back of your closet that you're saving for when you lose those last 10 pounds)
   Think of it this way;
we're all on a journey- heading into a new direction and we need to be ultra-selective about what we're bringing with us.
This is an energy journey and one that has no tolerance for envy, bitterness, resentment, negative self-talk or any lower vibes.
Let me encourage you to take responsibility for yourself and be present to your unmet needs, your grief, your sadness and the deepest parts of you that want to be acknowledged.
Hold the space for them and express your knowledge that they do exist (not outside of you); but that you want to witness them with full compassion, love, tenderness and softness.
(Make sure you find a trusted therapist, counselor or coach to help you process)
It's important that WE give ourselves permission to love even the deepest parts of US.
This process will help seed the next steps and will blossom into unlimited growth
When you do this, you're ready for the journey to higher consciousness!
This month is all about:
We are all on this journey together. 
May we breathe in peaceful, loving kindness and may we all discover the Miracles and Mastery                          

ps: If you're ready to stop playing it small and start creating a life you LOVE, Let me help you!

Begin your journey HERE

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