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The Simper Way!

 Thank you ALL for your kind words and responses to my recent posts about my car (and personal ) issues.
Your words about me being so transparent about
my "human struggles" has been
very uplifting and supportive.
You were all so kind and thanked me for being
Real and Authentic.
The real truth is,
I'm NOT the type of person
to tell you not to feel what you're feeling.
I don't believe in Spiritual Bypassing-
Every emotion has its purpose
and that we should never deny
what we feel.
(nor should we have to justify or explain to another)
My purpose is to show you that life will have its stuggles and challenges.
(can't avoid 'em)
It's how we navigate the tricky world while
maintaining our connection to the Universe.
If I only showed you instagram images of my "perfect life"
would you believe me?
How would that make you feel?
I'm here to tell you the truth about life,
and it's not always pretty
(or instagram perfect)
My role is to help remind you of your
radiant magnificence and
to help you access your inner tools when you forget.
After all, you are an energetic Divine Being!
The truth is that the world is changing,
humanity is changing and society is changing.
I'm here to help you nagivagate these changes and
to support you through these times.
I've got lots of stuff in store for you-
Later this month,
I'll have some practical tools for you to help you-
but for now,
It's all going to be okay!
(Even as we wade through the deep doo-doo)
Why are we so hard on ourselves, wishing things were different?
Let's all remember, there
is a Simpler Way to do things.
My recent client said it best:
"Catherine has shown me a different perspective. She has helped me to develop better boundaries, and to create a more powerful way to BE.
I am now feeling more empowered and it has impacted
my relationships (for the better). The work is not always
easy, but it is so worth it!
The best part is that I feel so much better about myself."
Let me help you walk with Power, Peace and Purpose
If you want results like my client, check out the next step HERE


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