How to Celebrate New Beginnings!

July 13, 2016

Rite of Passage Necklace- Round Moonstone on Sterling Silver Chain

The Rite of Passage Necklace was originally created- when a customer wanted to give her daughter something to celebrate her "becoming a woman." Her request was a simple necklace with Moonstone so that she could mark this event (a rite of passage).

Since I loved the simplicity, I made a few more for my retail shop.

Funny how things turn out though; these little gems sold out immediately! This necklace has become something of a harbinger and celebration of New Beginnings.  It has fast become one of our best selling pieces as grown women are purchasing it for themselves.  Whether it is a celebration of a career change, or change in marital status, or newfound freedoms~



Rite of Passage Necklace

Check out the rest of our on-line store!

GRATITUDE to all!  love, cathie

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