How I deal with Anxiety

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“Good things flow into my life naturally,

and I receive them with a grateful heart.

Good things flow to me and through me,

into the lives of those around me.”

~ Shawn Fontaine


Truth be told, I'm a pretty calm person.


I can usually handle life's curves with ease-

it takes a lot to ruffle my feathers.


I feel that I've reached an age, where I pretty much don't care what people think of me; I'll speak my mind if I don't like something, or; I'll simply take my self out of a situation if I don't like the energy.


There's a lot of freedom in that:


there are still times in my life when I feel anxious.


You know that feeling;

shaky, palms sweaty, energy feels jittery, nervous on the inside


It usually happens when I'm facing an unknown situation; or doing something outside my comfort zone. 


So, what's the #1 thing I do to help myself through?




One of the greatest tools in my tool kit is to become extremely aware of where my thoughts are.

Are they like a runaway train, worrying about some possible future event?


are my thoughts re-hashing a past situation, ("why did I do that," "say that?",


"I should have known/done better"


When you are MINDFUL of your thoughts, you're more aware of what you're thinking about and that is when you pull your thoughts back

into the present moment.


One of the tips I LOVE, is to look around me and

find three things I'm grateful for.


It instantly takes me out of my head and allows

me to focus on what's truly important.


This simple things help me to Return to Center every time!

(NOTE: It does depend on the severity of the anxiety, and sometimes it can be diffcult to place your attention elsewhere. If that's the case, I like to simply shake my fingers out and help to release the energy)


Try it for yourself!




Have a great week filled with LOVE, PEACE, JOY


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